Monday, March 28, 2011

Windy City Style

A few years ago while visiting Chicago I tasted the famed Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza. Let me tell you, it has its reputation for a reason.

I haven't had it since and don't think I even know of somewhere around here that serves Chicago Style Pizza. So naturally I decided to tackle it myself.

I've never been a fan of homemade pizza so I wanted to make sure I did it right - I did a lot of research! I read tons of dough recipes, tips, tricks, and musts. After my thorough reading, I dove right in! So here you have it:

Chicago Style Pizza


3 1/2 C Flour
1 1/2 C Water
1/2 C Yellow Cornmeal
1/2 C Canola Oil (I just used vegetable oil)
1 tsp Sugar
1 tsp Salt
2 1/4 tsp  Active Dry Yeast

24 hours prior to baking:
Mix water, sugar, yeast, flour, cornmeal,  and salt.
Mix at a low speed until  the dough comes together and then slowly add oil. Mix for 7 more minutes (in my reading I read that the less you knead the dough the more biscuit like your crust will be - which is more authentic to Chicago, but you may want it more "bread" like - I only mixed for 2 minutes).
Form the dough into a ball and place in a bowl - loosely cover with plastic wrap and then a dish towel and refrigerate over night.

One hour prior to baking:
Get the dough out of the fridge about an hour before baking.
Preheat the oven at least 30 min if not more at 450 (also in my research, everyone raved about a pizza stone - so we splurged for $13 (at target) and got one - I'M A BELIEVER! If you use one, make sure it is in the over for about an hour to preheat)
Once the dough has "rested" for and hour coat the bottom of a 15 X 2 deep dish pan (I bought a 12 x 2 cake pan from Michael's for $6.50 w/coupon - but this left dough over for garlic knots- Yum!) with regular olive oil (the recipe says specifically not extra virgin and I also added some cornmeal for the crust)
Place the ball of dough in the middle and spread out to the edge and then use your fingers to pinch it up on the edge (should be about 1/8" thick)

Now comes the toppings!
This is the trademark of Chicago pizza - you top it backwards!

Cover the bottom of the dough with sliced mozzarella (I just bought the ball of mozzarella and sliced it to my liking - which was a bit thicker)
Next add whatever toppings you might like (we did pepperoni and sausage)

Now comes the sauce (I was nervous about this, but it turned out AWESOME!)
One large can of crushed tomatoes (I think about 26 or 28 oz)
Spoon over the top of your pizza
Season with Italian seasoning, oregano, basil leaves, garlic salt (all to your taste - but since they are plain tomatoes I would suggest more than you think)
Sprinkle some Parmesan cheese.
Cook for 20 to 25 minutes (turning half way through) or until golden brown (this is where the pizza stone is genius - since it has been heating for an hour it distributes heat evenly on the bottom of the pan and cooks the crust evenly - which always seems to be the problem with homemade pizzas)
Let cool for about 5 minutes before serving
Doesn't that look delicious! I must say I was a bit impressed with it.

  • Use the extra dough for garlic knots as a perfect addition to this meal
  • My crust seemed to get a little thick right around the bottom edges - make sure to get it all even.
  • I will for sure add olives or jalapenos or something - just the meat made it seem a bit lasagna-y
This was a bit more difficult/time consuming meal but I already can't wait to make it again - Anyone want to come over for a pizza night?

I want to make sure credit is given where credit is due - so I got this recipe here.


  1. Like the new look of the blog! Keep it up! You're inspiring :)

  2. Wow!!! Your new blog layout looks amazing. Did you do it all yourself? Really, it looks profesh.

    As does that pizza! I'm not kidding, I want you to come cook for me. It's 11:37 at night, and I wouldn't think twice about eating every bit of that pizza. So impressed with your cooking skills.

  3. This recipe is a must try!!

  4. Just so you know I am loving this blog. Like I told you earlier I don't have time to comment, but I read every recipe. And if I ever have time in my life again, I am going to try all these recipes.