Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pizza Joint Must-Have

I've wanted to find a good recipe for Garlic Knots and have read a lot of recipes, but last night I struck gold! I didn't even use a recipe I read - not that it is hard - but I just made them by what sounded good for what I like.

I better make these sparingly, with their bite-size goodness it is hard to limit myself!

Easy Peasy Garlic Knots

1 can (11 oz) refrigerator pizza dough/crust
Butter (about 3 Tablespoons) - melted
Garlic Salt (this is for ease – you can use fresh chopped garlic)
Parmesan cheese (I prefer shredded)
Parsley (I just use dried and I even crumble it so it isn’t big pieces – but that is just personal preference)
Red pepper flakes

-Open dough/crust and roll into a rectangle (when I opened my can it wasn’t a nice rectangle for me and I think the dough held together better after rolling it out)
-Cut 1 inch strips on the short side and then cut down the middle the long way (this does not have to be scientific, as long as they are pretty close the same size – but even if not it’s not a huge deal)
-Tie into knots (tucking the ends underneath so it is like a little ball) and place on baking sheet (they don’t grow too much so you can fit them all on one pan)
-Cook at 450 until golden brown (mine were maybe 10 min)
-Put in a large bowl and gently coat with melted butter (you can just stir them with a large spoon since they are so small and they nicely evenly coated)
-Next add Parmesan cheese, parsley, and red pepper flakes to taste (no real magic here – just do to your liking)

Wha-la! Deliciousness! And from start to finish – 20 min

  • These are delicious dipped in ranch, but you can also use pizza sauce or marinara sauce to dip them in
  • You can probably use any bread dough for this, but I have used breadstick dough before and they were much more flat and light, the pizza dough is a bit more dense and I think more fitting for these.

(Sorry no picture - we ate them too fast to even have time for one -
but trust me, I will be making these again)


  1. YUMMY sounds delicimosa.....:)

  2. I just made these tonight and they were amazing! Thanks for sharing the recipe :-)