Monday, May 2, 2011

Chicken Caesar Panini

This is hands down one of the best recipes I've tried - there is not much too it so I'm a bit surprised, but we were loving every bite of dinner tonight.

I've decided that meals are 80% recipe and 20% technique - I can tell I am starting to learn what I can do with that 20% to make recipes that much better - hopefully I can outline those enough in my comments throughout...

Chicken Caesar Panini

2-3 chicken breasts
Ciabatta Bread (Harmon's has the best ciabatta bread - so soft)
Diced Romaine Lettuce
Caesar Dressing
Shredded Parmesan cheese
Montreal Steak Seasoning

* Sprinkle chicken with steak seasoning (this is our favorite way to season chicken - we use this seasoning all the time)
* Grill chicken (or you can do this on a skillet but I was dying to take advantage of the BBQ weather today)
* Meanwhile, dice chicken, coat liberally with Caesar dressing and toss with Parmesan cheese (basically making a little Caesar salad)
* When chicken is cooked through cut up and place on sliced ciabatta roll, top with lettuce and close the sandwich
* With the grill already on (another reason to grill the chicken) place the sandwiches directly on the grill, place something heavy on top (I used a flat pan I have with the place that I used to carry the sandwiches out on and just pressed lightly) This gives it those professional lines (I'm also sure some of the more well equipped kitchens actually have panini makers or better things but the grill works great for us)
* Toast both sides for about 1-2 min - or until desired toasted/crispy-ness

  • As you have all probably noticed, we are pretty picky with what we ingredients we like so we didn't put any toppings but I'm sure onions, tomatoes, or anything else like that would go well on these - if your into things like that.
  • You can really season the chicken however you please, but since there is not a whole lot to this, the boldness of the Montreal Seasoning is just what we like.
  • The actual putting together of the sandwiches can be done however you please - we mixed the salad all up just for convenience and it holds the lettuce on a pretty well.
  • To get the toasted roll, you can also place cut side down in a skillet and let toast until your desired done-ness.
This is another quick and easy meal that is perfect for our working schedules and can easily be adjusted for more or lessservings (which is ideal when cooking for two).

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