Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chicken Ranch Taco's

We are huge fans of Taco’s in our house – a post to come I’m sure – we usually just do the Plain Jane ground beef but we spiced it up a bit last night. I would say it was a success.

Chicken Ranch Taco’s
1 box hard taco shells (the Stand N Stuff one’s work perfect for this)
3 C cut up deli rotisserie chicken
1 pkg taco seasoning (due to the fact that we hate this – we substituted 1 tbs  Montreal steak seasoning – our favorite)
3/4 C ranch (I made homemade Café Rio-esque dressing – divine! Find here)
 Any desired toppings: cheddar cheese, lettuce, salsa, extra ranch, tomatoes, jalapenos, etc.

Heat oven to 325 and heat shells as directed on the box.
Coat chicken with seasoning and microwave until hot – stir in dressing (you can do this before you head it up as well if you want it all warm)
Spoon chicken mix into taco shells and top as desired (I topped with cheese and put back in the oven to melt it before adding the other toppings)

These are super easy – even with making the dressing and cutting up the chicken it took maybe 35 min start to finish.

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  1. I hate you for posting this. I seriously had dinner planned for the night, but after seeing this, it's all I want to eat right now.

    I'm currently debating if it's worth the trek to the store -- with my girls -- to get all the goods.